Why We Need The Dynamite! 

Since the 2008 crisis, we’ve lived through austerity - while cuts have taken place to the welfare programs, more and more people are having to borrow money to plug the gaps. We’re told we need to repay our debts, yet the bankers who caused the crash were bailed out.

According to a report by the social metrics commission published late in 2018 there are currently 14 million people in Britain living in terrible poverty - including 4.5 million children. We’re the fifth richest country in the world. Enough is enough.


Me and Hilary from the band have interviewed some of Britain’s top economists, Martin Wolf, head economist of the FT, Ann Pettifor from Prime, John McDonnell Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, they all agree. Something needs to change.

Join us! Let’s send a clear message to the city. It’s time for a change.