So where did the obsession with music, transgressive art and auteur cinema come from? I'd say earliest childhood.

My dad died when I was three and it created a strange effect – I thought he’d been shot – but actually he was a doctor who had been at the forefront of research into chemotherapy, but he didn’t wear the gloves and protective clothing when he was starting out – and contracted the very disease he was trying to cure. This led me to really think of life as very transient – and to try and concentrate on the important. But it also turned me into a rebel, I never liked being told what to do – after all – it was my short life – let me alone to live it!


In all the adventures of childhood and early adulthood, I could never forget the duty to find my own way and not to believe too much in what people tell you you can do / or can't do. Therein lies the key to adventure and independence. But there needs to be a SAFE SPACE - and the music and films are a world where all that is wrong with the real everyday place can be fixed and put right.