A manifesto to tenderness


I've been writing my whole life. It's primarily helped me to gain perspective on the world around me and my place in it. But had you asked me a few years back, “Why do you write?” it would have been hard to explain – a sense of loss and a search for bearings in a complex world perhaps. But my reasons have become much clearer. 

Right now we are all trapped in what we would call a “creditocracy” where our democratic rights are under sustained attacks by a narrow and highly financialized elite. We’re living in a system where hope has been minimalized and our futures have been mortgaged far off in advance. There’s almost no space left for freedom or creativity. This culture has become a battleground, where ideals which we once cherished as central to our democracies are now under barrage attack from a hostile media which is leaving most people disempowered and unsure of what to do to bring about change. 

This is not to say the songs are all directly about politics or economics, they are not weighty and in fact many of them make no mention at all of the situation. But these are the things informing the current trajectory and the purpose of the project. So when we say: “We’re creating an alternative universe fusing music, radical politics, art and early cinema style films." It's really a manifesto to tenderness. Another world is possible! This is a rerun of David and Goliath, the small man and woman versus the big, the righteous against the rotters.

We are working on a project called The Debtonator in which we have launched our own currency, made by singer and artist Hilary Powell. On the notes, which are hand printed we have the face of the local food bank coordinator, Gary Nash. The money we are making from selling these notes is going to the food bank, but also to buying up millions of pounds worth of debts. We will then be blowing these up  using a detonator. I will write more about the project - but the music we are creating plays a vital role. We are building ourselves up over the next year towards an underground hit. To get there, we need you and your support. We will  not be able to do it without building a community. To find out more about The Debtonator project please visit www.debtonatorthemovie.com

with love and cardboard,  Dan